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Go from idea to hiring within 24 hours.


Post your gig and specify your turnaround time, budget and other project needs.


Get matched with exceptional students and coaches. Interview the candidates.


Hire the right fit. Review the work and release payment at the end of the gig.

See for Yourself

Companies across the world have used Uplancer. Have you?

Discover & Hire

Hire verified students from schools & universities to work on a variety of gigs

For Businesses

Quickly offload tasks to exceptional students who will help you finish and scale your work.

Peace of Mind

Focus on what you do best while our coaches do the rest. Don’t worry about holding someone else’s hand at every step of the way – our coaches will handle communications with students, answer questions that students may have, guide students in the right direction, and ensure that any work you receive meets or exceeds your expectations.


The global economy is quite unforgiving to companies large and small. Don’t let it get the best of you: be proactive and use Uplancer as an on demand tool to prepare for What’s Next. We know plenty of businesses are doing so. What are you waiting for?


Need help exploring new business opportunities or bringing fresh perspectives into current operations? Look no further! Well, you don’t have to look too far. Students possess the most up to date knowledge in nearly every industry and they’re ready to test that knowledge.

For Universities

Help your students unlock unique learning experiences and opportunities through freelancing gigs.

The Future of Work

The job market is dynamically changing and requires a truly flexible work force. Fortunately for your students, you have Uplancer. Uplancer democratizes the skills learning process by making gigs more accessible and easy for students to get started.

Stay Current

We provide career service professionals at higher education with the most up to date data, unlocking the latest trends in today’s market. This data empowers you as the decision makers to prepare your students for the demands of the current workforce.

Built at a University, for a University

We worked closely with universities like The Ohio State University to build out a platform tailored for higher education. We understand the complexity of the process, inside and out, and have made it easy for you and your students to use to get started.

For Students

Join a community that provides students with the right resources to explore careers and develop skills.


While you’re in school, try out the gigs that interests you the most. You may discover and pursue a new passion. Or you may realize that your career choice was not what you expected. That’s OK though, it’s better to come to this realization early on as a student rather than as a working professional several years down the road.


Understand what it takes to succeed at marketing, development, and  creative gigs. Along the way, you’ll receive important feedback to improve important translatable skills, such as communications, problem solving, and leadership skills.


Gaining valuable experience is just one part of freelancing. Earning money is another. Do both securely on our iOS, macOS, or web app. All  you’ll need to do is search us on the App Store or check us out at for details.

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